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Film Guest Artist

November 10, 2015 Film Guest Artist

      Guest artists bring a professional perspective to the education environment at CoSA. That's why each CoSA conservatory invites multiple guest artists each semester -- to give students a glimpse into ...

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Guest Artist in Dance

November 10, 2015

      Part of what makes the CoSA learning environment so vibrant is the constant stream of guest artists that visit every conservatory. Recently Choral Director and Conductor Edgar Ghenno of Tijuana ...

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Nicole Sollazzo studies in London

November 3, 2015 Nicole Sollazzo studies in London

Nicole Sollazo is a junior in her third year in CoSA Musical Theatre & Drama.  She grew up in Westfield, New Jersey and began acting at the age of nine. By ...

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Blanchard Seniff Personifies Optimism & Flexibility

November 2, 2015

CHS sophomore Blanchard Seniff exemplifies flexibility and optimism. Blanchard was active in sports until he was diagnosed with a heart disease that prevented him from playing.  This change in his ...

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New! DigArts brochure!

October 30, 2015

The DigArts conservatory created a new brochure to highlight all its new curriculum. Download the brochure here.

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Students at San Diego Film Festival

October 28, 2015

CoSA DigArts Filmmaking students recently attended the San Diego Film Festival’s Student Workshops Day at the downtown Gaslamp movie theater. Students and instructor Carlos Pelayo took the Coronado ferry ...

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