Trip to the Market: The Story of the Kayayo

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Trip to the Market: The Story of the Kayayo

“Trip to the Market: The Story of the Cayayo”, directed by CoSA graduates, Maya and Simonne  (both class of 2011) was one of five finalists in the Young Filmmakers category at the 6th annual  Red Rock International Film Festival.  The festival, which took place in Zion Canyon, Utah and Nevada from November 8 – 17, 2012 was established “to encourage the production of media in both the independent and professional market that portray the human race in a positive light, and to applaud original works that redefine media through innovation, creativity and sensitivity that both enlightens and educates audiences from around the world.”

Maya and Simonne went to Ghana in the summer of 2011 with CoSA Digital Media Filmmaker instructor Angie Tieman. They spent four weeks interviewing young Ghanans who move from their villages to the city to find work in order to earn money to pay for their education. It may take these teenagers and young adults up to ten years to earn enough money to put themselves through school.

Maya and Simonne spent the 2011-12 school year editing the film, under the guidance of Tieman, who submitted it to the Red Rock Film Festival.  Maya is now a freshman at University of San Francisco and Simonne is a freshman at San Francisco State University; both are pursuing the study of filmmaking and communications.

Here is a trailer for the documentary: