Admission FAQ

What happens if my application is incomplete?
There are four parts: The application form, essay, teacher recommendation, and proof of grades/attendance record.  All four parts must be returned for your application to be considered complete so that an audition/portfolio review can be scheduled for you. If you are unsure if your application is complete, please email:
What if I miss my audition/interview?

All CoSA students are accepted to the school on the basis of their audition or portfolio review and interview. The audition/portfolio review day for early acceptance is  February 28. You will be notified by email of your audition time, but if you are unable to make the audition/ interview scheduled for you, please let Mrs. McRae know so that another time can be scheduled for you on that day – or if that is not possible, another time will be scheduled for you on a different day at the convenience of the faculty.
Can I apply to more than one conservatory?

We ask that you apply to only one conservatory. After you audition/interview for that conservatory, if you feel that you would be better suited to a different conservatory, please let Mrs. McRae know so that we can withdraw your existing application in anticipation of a new application.
How many students do you accept each year?

There is no set number.  It depends on many factors including: how many students apply, how many students each CoSA department can accommodate and other factors.
When will I find out if I am accepted?

Emails areto all applicants notifying them of their acceptance status (accepted, conditionally accepted or declined) on or around March 20.
What is a “conditional acceptance”?

"Conditional acceptance" applies only to inter-district transfer students (IDT). A “conditional acceptance” means that you have been accepted to CoSA, but that your acceptance to Coronado High School (CHS) and the Coronado Unified School District (CUSD) is not finalized. IDT’s must apply to transfer to CUSD, and be released from their current district. If transferring to CUSD, there must be room in CHS for new students in their grade level. Once a student is accepted to both CoSA and CHS, they remain a CHS student until they graduate provided they remain a CoSA student.
What does being on the “Wait List” mean?

Being on the “Wait List” means that we want you as a CoSA student, but we have to wait and see if there will be room for more students in your conservatory. CUSD/CoSA has up until ten days after the start of the new school year to admit ITDs if space becomes available in CHS.

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