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3D Digital Arts

kong si webpage - class
Program Description:
This class will focus on 3D printing and making things to 3D print. You will learn to use software like Prusa Slicer, Cura, Blender, and even TinkerCAD.
We'll spend 2 weeks covering 3D printing safety, 3D printer operation, and 3D design. By the end of the course, you should be able to bring anything in your imagination from the digital space to the real world!
Kong Si Webpage
Teacher Bio:
Kong Chho is currently a CTE Teacher at the Coronado School of the Arts in animation and game design. He graduated from Platt College in 2011 with a focus on digital art and 3D. Mr. Chho then went on to work at SD3D and Incept 3D as a CAD designer and technician since 2016. He was a core member and lead on projects for Electronic Arts, Google, and Microsoft to produce production and prototype assets. There's no way he isn't a cool guy. Like 100% cooler than most teachers.