"Bat Boy" - Not your average high school musical

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"Bat Boy" - Not your average high school musical

What’s a Bat Boy?

A look inside Coronado School of the Arts Fall Musical, by Danielle Bongiovanni writing for the CHS newspaper "Islander Times":

     No, Bat Boy is not a prequel to Batman. It is not about a superhero, but rather a disfigured humanoid creature who is discovered in the very religious town of Hope Falls, West Virginia. Bat Boy is based off of a recurring creature from the Weekly World News, a mostly fictional news tabloid. The musical deals with themes of hypocrisy, racism, sexual assault, revenge, and acceptance. These heavy themes are discussed with dark, campy humor in a book written by Keythe Farley and Brian Flemming, and a pop-rock score written by Laurence O’Keefe. It may seem like a risque choice for a high school production, but everyone working on the show stands by it completely.

    Christian Duarte, a senior in the CoSA Musical Theatre and Drama department, plays the title role in a riveting performance. “Bat Boy is an important show because it displays issues in today's society that we are afraid to to talk about,” says Duarte.

    Something to look forward to in Bat Boy is the complexity of the characters. “Bat Boy struggles with balancing his love for his family and his craving for blood. He and all of the other roles in the show have such huge character arch's” reports Duarte.

     Mathew Morris, who is also a senior in CoSA Musical Theatre and Drama portrays Dr. Parker, the town veterinarian. Morris also sees the complexity in the characters and says, “My favorite thing about Dr. Parker is the switch of character that he makes in the play and the insanity that you see him go through on stage."

    Finals dates to see Duarte, Morris, and many other talented students in this groundbreaking production are October 23rd, and 24th at 7pm and October 25th at 2pm. As said throughout the production, “Don’t deny your beast inside.”