Blanchard Seniff Personifies Optimism & Flexibility

Posted by: nancym 2 years, 11 months ago

CHS sophomore Blanchard Seniff exemplifies flexibility and optimism. Blanchard was active in sports until he was diagnosed with a heart disease that prevented him from playing.  This change in his life gave him the opportunity to revisit his love of art, and turn his interest in painting from a hobby into a serious study.  Now that he is fully immersed in the Visual Art conservatory every afternoon he says that, as with playing a sport, trying to balance everything can be challenging. “But it forces me to be good at managing my time, and the time in CoSA is well spent,” he says.

After enrolling in CoSA at the start of this school year, he found the environment to be warm and the transition smooth. While he is open to all art mediums, he is drawn to acrylics, and graphite and pencil.  He recommends CoSA to students interested in the fine arts and his advice to other students is that it is important show up, be dedicated, and be open to everyone who is there. “Other artists’ opinions are important for your improvement,” he states. 

Blanchard has been involved in the arts his entire life, in one form or another. He took Visual Arts in sixth grade at Coronado Middle School and attended some art clubs during his summer vacations. When Blanchard graduates from CHS in 2018 he hopes to pursue a degree in the medical field. He is currently enrolled in AP Biology and will continue to take courses that prepare him to meet his goals at the university level.