Brinker sings in "Bad Country"

Posted by: nancym 4 years, 6 months ago

Brinker sings in "Bad Country"

   CoSA Musical Theatre & Drama freshman Mikayla Brinker has produced a hauntingly beautiful song from a personal tragedy. Her uncle Chris Brinker was directing the movie "Bad Country" when he passed away unexpectedly on the final day of shooting. The movie was originally titled "Whiskey Bay," and that became the title of the song Mikayla wrote the music and lyrics for, to help her cope with the grief of losing her uncle.

    Mikayla performed the song at her uncle's funeral. A Vice-President of Sony who was attending the services was so moved by the melody and lyrics that he had the song incorporated into the movie. The song has also been released on iTunes. You can find it here.

    "Bad Country" will be released on April 29. The R-rated movie, based on a true story, has a star-studded cast including Matt Dillon, William Dafoe and many others.

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