Brody Skiff

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Brody Skiff

                 Brody Skiff is a sophomore in his second year in the Instrumental Music Conservatory.  While Brody was attending Coronado Middle School he made a conscious decision to apply for the Coronado School of the Arts Program for ninth grade. At the time, he had a limited background in music, only playing the piano for approximately eight months, and some exposure to music instruction while living in Virginia prior to moving to Coronado.  Regardless, he KNEW CoSA would be the perfect start to his educational career in instrumental music and began preparing for his audition.

                 One of the most influential experiences for Brody was being able to spend five months (January-May 2015) in the Chamber Music Institute that met at Mesa College. It was there that Brody was introduced to the concept of “being selfless” with music. He learned to phase and plan with other musicians, demonstrating true teamwork that is required when creating music together. Brody was grateful for the opportunity to step out of the role of “soloist”, the role in which pianists are often cast.

                 In addition to being a dedicated musician, Brody is an exemplary student. For a recent English 10 Honors assignment, which happens to be Brody’s favorite class, he wrote a synthesis essay connecting the Romantic novel, Frankenstein, written by Mary Shelley in 1817, to the Modern Classical Movement in Music. Brody writes in his essay, “(The character) Victor explored the boundaries of life and death by creating a being out of human components that challenged whether the creature was alive or dead. Composers like Stravinsky and Prokofiev explored the boundaries of music by creating pieces out of musical components and notes that challenged whether they could be considered musical or not.”

                 Brody highly recommends the Coronado School of the Arts (CoSA) Program to any student interested in Instrumental Music. His advice to other students is to work hard and practice! “Try to fall in love with music,” he suggested, and “choose music you like to play.” Brody elaborated on the importance of listening to the conservatory Director and remembering that instructors will choose music that benefits a student’s growth.

                 When he graduates from Coronado High School in June 2018, Brody Skiff plans to attend a four-year university, but recognizes that selecting a college this early is a challenge. Brody prefers to stay focused on the “now” and how he sees himself as a developing musician. “It’s hard to see yourself as a professional musician, but my biggest goal would be to become a concert pianist.” Brody’s passion for music is undeniable. He went on to share that perhaps his future will include a combination of music and mathematics, like the work of an audio engineer. There is no doubt that Brody Skiff, with the determination and passion he has already demonstrated in the pursuit of his goals, will accomplish whatever he sets his mind to, both during his time at CoSA and beyond.