Cambria O'Neill - DigArts Rising Star

Posted by: nancym 2 years, 10 months ago

Cambria O'Neill - DigArts Rising Star

Cambria O’Neill is currently a sophomore in her second year in the Digital Arts Conservatory.  Cambria attended middle school in Dehesa and had the opportunity in both sixth and seventh grades to create and edit films with iMovie. This experience is ultimately what inspired Cambria to seek enrollment in a program that allowed her to expand her interest in digital media and film. Of the programs she explored, Coronado School of the Arts (CoSA) best matched her interests.

Some of the highlights during Cambria’s two years have included high quality programs available to her, such as Premier, resources, including actors to feature in her films, and the CoSA staff. Cambria expanded that the actors she has worked with are professional, which elevates the work to different level. Cambria also shared that she spends a lot of time outside of CoSA writing scripts and viewing videos created by students who have been accepted to film programs such as UCLA. She finds it very informative to look at both those that have been accepted, and those that have not, in order to identify the preferred components. She takes her observations and applies them to her projects. An example would be that she has noticed that most of the accepted films are not narrated, and include an ending with a twist.

Cambria recommends the Coronado School of the Arts (CoSA) Program to any student interested in Digital Arts. Her advice to other students is to work with students from different conservatories. She goes on to explain that there is strength in working with many perspectives. Cambria has found that balancing CoSA, and meeting the demands of her academic schedule, can be challenging. She often stays up past midnight to fit everything in, including time alone for herself.

During the summer Cambria has attended summer film camps downtown and in Balboa Park. During the summer of 2016 she is hoping to shadow Ms. Woerman in digital media design. She would also like to study Japanese at a community college for college credit.

After graduating from Coronado High School in June 2018, Cambria O’Neill plans to attend a four-year university, most likely in the Los Angeles area due to her area of focus. Ultimately she would like to be a producer of science fiction, studying film in college, with a minor in business.   It is clear that Cambria is taking every opportunity to ensure a successful future in a field she is passionate about.