Cameron Taylor at Syracuse University

Posted by: nancym 2 years, 8 months ago

Cameron Taylor at Syracuse University

Cameron Taylor, Technical Theatre class of 2015, has survived his first year of New York winters and came back to CoSA to share his thoughts and impressions of his freshman year at Syracuse University.

"Without a doubt, the biggest adjustment was the weather. Lots of below zero days, and it's so gloomy. But after several feet of snow it can also look like a winter wonderland," said Cameron.

When asked if there are any other native Californians braving the winters of the northeast, Cameron said, "Most of the students are from within a 5 hour drive of the university. A few are from Texas and the midwest. I've met two students from California."

Cameron is majoring in Political Science with Finance as a minor. He has a growing interest in banking and investment, perhaps spurred by his love of technical theatre. Let's face it: the stock market, like backstage management,  is all "lights, sound, action!"

Cameron would love to see more CoSA/CHS students at Syracuse U. "It's a phenomenal school. The education is top notch, with research, internships and great networking. Everyone is part of a team. No one's success comes at someone else's failure. We all try to find ways to build each other up."  Said in the true CoSA spirit.

Great to see you again, Cameron!