Cash Prizes!

Posted by: nancym 4 years, 4 months ago

Cash Prizes!

Rotary 4-Way Speech Contest

Deadline January 31

Deadline to enter the Rotary 4 - Way Speech Contest is January 31. Enter here. 

Check out Lydia Mellor's winning speech, CHS '18, 2016 District Champion. Click here. 

A note from competition coordinator, Robert Taylor:

This is our 5th year and we are hoping to have record participation from CHS at our prelims in the CHS Black Box after school on Feb 7&8 (deadline to apply is Jan 31).  Completely polished speeches are not necessary for the prelims on February 7-8; our Speech Committee members will listen and provide immediate feedback to each speaker.  Speeches with the most potential will determine the four students will advance from the prelims to the Coronado Rotary Finals, a guaranteed cash award of $75-200, and the opportunity to earn additional money on the way to the District 5340 finals.  A Coronado Rotarian who is a professional public speaking trainer will be available to advise each of the four Coronado Club finalists.

Last April, CoSA sophomore Lydia Mellor won the District 5340 Championship, earning over $1500 along the way.  As 2016 district champion, Lydia is no longer eligible to compete in this year's contest, but she has graciously recorded a video to help us promote the upcoming contest to her fellow students (video filmed and edited by Sophia Berlin).

Coronado High School offers no instruction in Public Speaking; neither does it sponsor a Debate Team.  The ability to present oneself and one's ideas effectively to others is a skill necessary to success, beginning with college interviews and continuing throughout life. Students can apply for the contest at www, and clicking on the tab for the 4-Way Test Speech Contest.