Chrissy Taylor Interns for Dodgers (nothing to do with baseball)

Posted by: nancym 2 years, 4 months ago

Chrissy Taylor Interns for Dodgers (nothing to do with baseball)

Chrissy Taylor, Musical Theatre class of 2013, visited CoSA students today to give a presentation about what it takes to produce a musical. She gained in-depth experience in this area, having worked at Dodger Properties in New York from January through May this year. But let's back up.

Chrissy left sunny California for sunny, COLD Minnesota after graduating in 2013. She is pursuing a double major at University of Minnesota: a BA in Theatre Arts and a BA in Economics, plus two minors, one in Performance Creative (within the Theatre school) and one in Leadership (in the college of Education and Human Development).

When asked what has been one of her most memorable moments so far at U Minn, she replied, "There was a moment in sophomore year. I was in the musical 'Working' playing a waitress. As I walked on the school stage getting ready to sing 'It's an art to be a fine waitress,' I thought 'I'm back!' When I left CoSA, I didn't really know if I would ever be performing again on a big stage, and it felt great to be in the spotlight again."

Dodger Properties, which is currently producing Jersey Boys and Matilda, "has been a great experience," says Chrissy. "I did a lot of front desk administrative-type tasks, but also got to be in the rehearsal room as a production assistant." When asked about plans after graduation in a year and a half, Chrissy said, "I think I'm heading back to New York. It feels like home."