Chrissy Taylor to perform in Italy

Posted by: nancym 1 year, 8 months ago

Chrissy Taylor to perform in Italy

Every year CoSA reaches out to its graduates to hear what they are up to. Chrissy Talyor, Musical Theatre class of 2013, responded with this update: 

"I'm in Minneapolis, MN, and will be graduating from the University of Minnesota in Fall 2017 with honors having earned both a BA in Theatre Arts, in the Performance Creation specialty, and a BA in Economics with a a minor in Leadership.  I've spent four years studying/working hard in Minneapolis, and Music Directing an all-women a cappella choir called "The Enchantments" (I've attached two links below, feel free to follow us via YouTube and social media).

I spent Spring 2016 interning full-time at Dodgers, a Broadway producing firm behind such historic successes as Matilda, Jersey Boys, and most recently A Bronx Tale (which I helped rehearse).  I attended a number of unified auditions this year (NETC, Institute of Outdoor Theatre, and StrawHats) and have earned an apprenticeship at the Trentino Music Festival this summer, where I will spend the month of July studying and rehearsing in the northern alps of Italy for performances of Godspell, Chicago, and a cumulative showcase on July 28. After this summer in San Diego and Italy, I will return to Minneapolis for the next year before hopefully moving to New York for a full-time career of auditions."

Chrissy added "I hope every student know how privileged they are each day to get the opportunities and lessons the are offered from CoSA day in and day out."

Here is are links to "The Enchantments."