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Freshman Jack Becker, a percussionist in Instrumental Music, was accepted into the 2018 California State Summer School of the Arts (CSSSA) program held during July at Cal Arts. Here's a note to CoSA Director Shane Schemichel and Instrumental Music conservatory head Osvaldo Mendoza from Jack's family about this prestigious invitation:

"In our view, this would not have happened without you and your team's support (Jesse Audelo & Mike Atesalp, CoSA IM coaches).

Jack's goal for CoSA was to open up the aperture of drumming/percussion, considering all of the possibilities out there besides rock drumming.  And your program has delivered.  Very recently, Jack picked up a great mentor after the Jazz ensemble's performance at Pt Nazarene last month: Mr. Willie Murillo.  Willie has been very candid about what it takes to become a "first call" working musician in LA, telling Jack "you've done well to get yourself to 60%.  But if you want to make a living at this you need to complete the remaining 40%, which is not the fun part.  It means spending the grueling, and often boring/repetitive, time practicing to master your instrument.  You are not a rock, jazz, big band or any other kind of drummer: your goal is to master your instrument, being able to play ALL genre's." 

He went on to suggest Jack spend some time determining if that's what he wants to do, stressing is was ok if the answer was no.  After on-going reflection, we think Jack wants to pursue the 40%, and Willie has already connected us with one of his up-&-coming drummers: Jeffery Hooker who Jack will work with during some weekend off-time at CSSSA. As Jack throttles back some of the rock-n-roll drumming, we think CoSA and CSSSA are right where he needs to be to put him on that path to conquer the 40%.

So please know how much we value what you have done for Jack this year, and see you this weekend at Jazz Fest."

Congratuliations, Jack!