CoSA and the Coronado Christmas Parade!

Posted by: nancym 5 years, 11 months ago

CoSA and the Coronado Christmas Parade!

March in the

Coronado Christmas Parade!

All CoSA Students and Parents are invited to march with Shane Schmeichel and CoSA in the Coronado Christmas Parade.  This annual Coronado tradition is FUN!!

 Meet this Friday 12/5 at the Coronado library (600 block of Orange Avenue across from Spreckels Park) at 5:30. Wear some CoSA garb (there are lots of cozy hoodies for sale in the CoSA office) or an ugly holiday sweater.

 Santa will be coming via ferry to The Ferry Landing. From there he will hop aboard a fire engine and join the parade. At 6:00 the parade marches down Orange Avenue – to the delight of all ages – and ends with Santa lighting the big pine tree in Rotary Circle. All you have to do is smile and wave as you march in the parade. (No Scrooges allowed.)

 All the Coronado shops and restaurants are open late this special night to help parade participants and spectators enjoy the evening.

 If you’ve ever wanted to star in your own parade, or just have a fun, lighthearted evening where people oooh and aaah over you as part of the parade procession, this is your chance!


The more the merrier!

Let’s show the island our CoSA holiday spirit!