CoSA Seniors in the Spotlight

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CoSA Seniors in the Spotlight

April 2014, Reprinted from Islander Times, written by CHS student Maddy Hopson

     "CoSA Visual Arts senior Ian Stewart has been accepted into the School of Visual Arts in New York and Art Center College of Design in  Pasadena. Both schools require a fairly normal application, as well as supplemental materials including an artist statement and portfolio. 'I'm deeply interested to see where this path will take me in the coming years!' Stewart said of the process.

     Similarly CoSA Instrumental Music senior Greg Eberwine has already been accepted to both Ohio State and Florida State, but had to apply and audition for the schools' music program separately, and is eagerly waiting to hear the results from his tryouts. He plays the French Horn in CoSA and the school band, and also played trumpet during CHS's 9/11 service this year. With this range of talent, Eberwine hopes to 'either become a studio musician or play professionally in a symphony orchestra' and cites Tchaikovsky, Big Band Jazz and 80's Rock as his favorites to play and listen to.

     The audition process is not unique to music programs, as CoSA Musical Theatre & Drama senior Samantha Littleford learned through her own tryouts for Penn State and The University of Michigan's Bachelor of Fine Arts programs, two of her top schools. 'The audition process was definitely draining,' said Littleford. 'I was in a different city every weekend for about a month and a half.' Luckily it all paid off, as she was accepted to both universities. 'I'm really excited wherever I decide to go because I know it will be beyond enriching!' Littleford concluded. Although she has yet to make her final decision between the two, Littleford - along with the senior class at CHS - is excited for what the next four years will bring.

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