CUSD Alumni Feature: We Welcome Arrielle Luna Back as an Islander

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CUSD Alumni Feature: We Welcome Arrielle Luna Back as an Islander

Once our Islanders graduate from CHS, they go on to do amazing things in their careers and community. As part of the graduating class of 2008, Arrielle Luna is one of our impressive alumni. She’s come full circle and has returned to CHS to help current students as the school’s head athletic trainer. Here’s how Arrielle’s experience at Coronado High equipped her for her future.

Life as an Islander

Arrielle came to CUSD for high school. “Overall it was a really great experience at CHS,” she says. “I made some really great friends that I’m still friends with today, and I enjoyed every single class I took.”

While at CHS, Arrielle played varsity basketball for four years, golf for two years, and JV lacrosse her senior year. She was also the football manager for a couple of years. Playing sports at school piqued her interest in athletic training. As an accomplished athlete, it's no surprise that Arrielle jumped at the opportunity to take the sports medicine class (part of the Health Science Pathway insert link to article), offered for the first time during her sophomore year. It gave her a foundation for her continued education and helped her take care of the injuries she experienced while playing.

Graduation and Beyond

Arrielle says the teachers at CHS supported her college and career choices, and she stayed connected with many of them after graduation. After graduating from CHS, she attended Chapman University where she received her bachelor’s degree in athletic training. During her time there, she completed a three-year internship program while playing basketball and attending classes.

Toward the end of college, Arrielle took and passed a comprehensive test administered by the Board of Certification for Athletic Trainers. Degree in hand, she came back to Coronado and was the assistant athletic trainer for a year, while also working with the city’s Recreation Department. She then accepted an opportunity as the head athletic trainer at Atascadero High School in San Luis Obispo. She was there a year when the head athletic trainer position at CHS opened up.

Back to the Island 

Coming back around this time, Arrielle says it’s been incredible to reconnect with many of her old teachers and coaches—on a personal and professional level. It’s a way for her to show her former teachers how their mentorship has shaped her and helped her grow.

“Being able to come back to it has definitely been a great privilege for me,” Arrielle says. “It’s been great to be able to come home.”

Back at CHS, Arrielle’s role as head athletic trainer gives her the chance to put her experience and passions to work. She helps student athletes by evaluating their injury, helping them recover, and preventing further injuries. 

Other aspects of the job include uniform and equipment distribution and keeping all gear ready for play. It’s also essential that she connect with students—and growing up in Coronado has made it a little easier. Arrielle says, “I’ve taken a lot of the same classes these students have and have had a lot of the same teachers, so that’s a great connecting point.” 

At CUSD, we strive to give our students the resources, tools, and passions to be successful in their futures. We’re proud of our alumni, and it’s truly wonderful to have former students like Arrielle come back to help guide the next generation of Islanders.