Film Guest Artist

Posted by: nancym 3 years, 6 months ago

Film Guest Artist

      Guest artists bring a professional perspective to the education environment at CoSA. That's why each CoSA conservatory invites multiple guest artists each semester -- to give students a glimpse into the working life of an artist. This month film historian and film artists Neil Kendricks visited the Filmmaking students to talk about the world of film.

      Kendricks and DigArts Film instructor Carlos Pelayo met while they were colleagues at the San Diego State University Masters program in Film. In 2000 they went to Cuba together to attend the Havana Film Festival, and had what Carlos calls a "once in a lifetime experience" to meet and hang out with Roman Polanski there.

     Kendricks is currently the Film Curator for the MCASD (Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego in La Jolla); their website has a very interesting interview of Kendricks talking about what it's like to curate films  -- click here to read. 

     While visiting with CoSA students, he showed a variety of films. "It's important to watch both good and bad films," said Kendricks, "so that you can articulate what makes a good film and avoid the pitfalls of a bad film." Kendricks also advises "Read! Read scripts, read novels. It will help develop your storytelling abilities."

      For more on Neil Kendricks, visit his website.