Heather Noonan

Posted by: nancym 2 years, 12 months ago

Heather Noonan

Heather Noonan is currently a senior in her fourth year in the Dance conservatory.  She was encouraged to apply for the Coronado School of the Arts (CoSA) because her brother was enrolled in the Instrumental Music Conservatory. Although she initially decided to give the program a trial semester to see if it was the right fit for her, she quickly discovered that it was exactly where she wanted to be!

Heather has found her experience in CoSA Dance incredibly fulfilling. It has allowed her to dance with friends, find her creative voice, and this year play the lead, Alice, in the recent production of Ask Alice. She especially enjoyed the positive feedback after Ask Alice, and the fun storyline.

In addition to her school focus on dance, Heather has participated in two summer intensives at CoSA. She really enjoyed learning different dance styles by different dance teachers, and taking classes with students from different conservatories. She also found the summer intensives to be great opportunities to meet some of the incoming freshmen dance students before the new school year started.

Heather recommends that any student interested in CoSA Dance Program seek balance. If they are involved in competitive dance, CoSA will help develop their creative side by developing a wider view of dance and all that dance encompasses, versus a narrow focus on competition. In addition, she recommends trying all forms of dance, even if it is not your favorite. Heather dances competitively with the Element Dance Center, and attends dance conventions, which are all day dance classes taught to different age groups.

Heather has applied to attend California Universities after graduating in June 2016. She would like to major in Modern Dance. She is currently auditioning for several universities and will make her final decision closer to the spring. Heather lights up a stage when she dances, and will bring much joy to her future audiences.