Jack Wong - A Freshman to Watch

Posted by: nancym 3 years, 1 month ago

Jack Wong - A Freshman to Watch

                    Jack Wong is a freshman in his first year in the CoSA Dance Conservatory. He attended Coronado Middle School and made a last minute decision to enter CoSA. Just hearing his list of extracurricular activities is exhausting, not to mention the fact that he packs them all in while maintaining a 4.0 GPA! Jack’s favorite course of study is Mathematics.  He won First Place in the Mathematician Contest in 7th grade AND was a Finalist in the National Bridge Designing Competition in 8th grade! He is currently enrolled in trigonometry, and sees a connection between math, dance and choreography.

                     Jack is also in the NJROTC, plays badminton, studies martial arts, and has played the cello in the San Diego Youth Symphony for three years. It was Jack’s love of music that inspired him to apply for the Dance Conservatory. Of all the dance genres, he prefers ballet, stating, “I prefer classical music, and ballet goes with classical music. I feel the beat when I am dancing.”

                    Jack finds there are challenges to such a rigorous schedule, which include being very sore, tired from going to sleep very late, and balancing all of his extracurricular activities. He recommends to any incoming CoSA students to be well organized with their time and schedule, to not collapse under the stress and pressure they face, and to keep up with their classes.

                    During the summer Jack enjoys traveling with his family and plays the cello as much as possible. He has big plans for himself after graduation from CHS in 2019, hoping to attend West Point Military Academy, play the cello in his free time, and perhaps even dance with a world tour.  Jack Wong is a CoSA student who exemplifies diversity, high standards of achievement and a “can do” attitude. “It’s all within reach,” says Jack.