Jake Wascher heads to CSU Fullerton

Posted by: nancym 2 years, 8 months ago

Jake Wascher heads to CSU Fullerton

Jake Wascher is a senior in his fourth year in the Musical Theatre Conservatory.  He is a founding member of the CoSA/CHS Improv team, which has been one of the many highlights of his four years in CoSA. His two favorite musical productions were Legally Blonde: The Musical, which he described as a phenomenal show, and Catch Me If you Can, in which he played the role of Carl Hanratty, the nerdy, slightly obsessive FBI agent. He was nominated for “Best Actor in a High School Musical” from Broadway SD/The Ben Vereen awards for his portrayal of Hanratty. The final competition will take place May 29th.  

Jake has loved comedy since he was young. In early May, he participated in the National Comedy Theatre High School Improv Championships. His resume of experiences outside of CoSA includes Shakespeare summer intensives at the Old Globe in Balboa Park, including seminars with successful professionals such as Glenn Howerton, actor, screenwriter, and producer of the comedy, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and Ray Chambers, an actor, and staff member in the MFA Program at USD.

Jake’s advice is to other CoSA students is to have fun, keep your grades up, make friends with all conservatories – not just Musical theatre, support friends in other conservatories, and lastly – don’t be a diva! Jake recognizes that finding balance can be difficult, but it can be done. He says it is best to stay focused on the academics, and not try to do everything all in one year. In other words - pace yourself. It was during Jake’s junior year that he felt he finally found true balance in maintaining his academics, his personal life, his acting life, and his ability to be happy, professional, and get things done.

Jake Wascher will be attending California State University Fullerton in the fall. The program he is entering is highly competitive.  Of the approximately 100-125 students who start the B.A. program in Theatre Arts as freshmen, 75 are identified to continue into year two. Heading into junior year, approximately 50 students are selected to apply for the B.F.A. degree in either Musical Theatre or Performing.  Jake loves the theatre, but would be open to any opportunities in film or television as well. Jake recently auditioned for summer character jobs at Sea World and Lego Land. We have no doubt that Jake Wascher’s passion for dancing, singing, and musical theatre will always keep him in the spotlight!