Jazz, Lies, Dance and Dames

Posted by: nancym 4 years ago

Reprinted in its entirety from the Islander Times. Written by Megan Weber, Musical Theatre & Drama senior:

Jazz, Lies, Dance and Dames: CoSA Musical Theatre's production of CHICAGO, the longest-running musical in Broadway history, is set in Prohibition-era Chicago and follows two murderesses who are being defended by the same lawyer. Three CoSA seniors will be playing the leading roles: Roxie Hart will be portrayed by Caroline Carlson, Velma Kelly will be performed by Sophia Johnson, and Billy Flynn will be played by Tim Baran.

The curtain won't rise on CHICAGO for another month, but CoSA's Technical Theatre department has been preparing for the show since September. According to Stage Manager and CHS sophomore Emily Vertel, CHICAGO has a stationary set, which means that the majority of the show will take place against a single backdrop. "The crew is small but there's a lot of work to be done," said LeBouef.

Instrumental Music will be provided by a live band onstage, directed by CoSA vocal teacher Shane Simmons. Lebouef said that synchronizing the live band with the lights and actors adds another challenge to his job.

Actors in most CoSA shows are outfitted by costume designer Beth Connelly. For this show, however, students will supply simple black clothes and Connelly will add specialized period pieces and props to finish off their costumes.

Onstage the cast has been enjoying the production, despite the long rehearsal hours. "My favorite thing about this show is bonding with my classmates in the CoSA Theatre department," said freshman Spencer Lynn. "The upperclassmen have been so supportive and I feel as if I've known them forever."

Performances are scheduled for November 1, 2, 7, and 8 in the CoSA theatre. The live music, incredible set design and realistic costumes promise to take the audience back to the roaring 20's!