Josh Concepcion

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Josh Concepcion

Josh Concepcion, Musical Theatre class of 2017, wrote the following letter to faculty upon his graduation. Josh was the recipient of the most highly esteemed school-wide "Jike Wong Award"  -- in a nutshell, for best all-around guy! And we couldn't agree more!

Here is an excerpt of his letter:

"First I have to say, wow four years have gone by insanely fast. I still have memories of picking up my freshman schedule and walking into P.E. first period on the first day of school. So many emotions took over me that day; “What if I don’t make a good impression?” or “Oh man, did that senior just look at me?” or “What?! A desk that’s bolted onto the chair, is this what it means to be an adult?!”

And looking back at that instant in time, that Josh never would have realized how fast high school would have flew right past him. In the same instant, he never would have thought of being able to participate in one of the greatest theatre programs in the country, to meet and build such a strong knit family with his CoSA peers and watch them feed their passions with such desire and watch them render themselves as their own artists with captivating strengths and achievements on the stage. He never would have thought of realizing that Shakespeare is not boring at all and that his words are not just there to tell a story, but that each syllable is written with intent and emotion with such precision that he revolutionized live theatre. And he never would have imagined of being given the opportunity to perform on CoSA biggest stages, acting in shows such as A Piece of My Heart, or to play the role of Danny Zuko in Grease!, or to play one of his all-time favorite roles as Cliff Bradshaw in Cabaret .

It’s all been a whirlwind, but I would not be the person I am today if it wasn’t for what CoSA has taught me of not only what it means to be an actor, but why I am an actor. My acting teacher once told me, “Theatre is shining a mirror to society”. It’s supposed to inspire, to start conversation, to innovate, to challenge ourselves to become better than who we were before. Through all this theatre knowledge I have now, it is not even half of what I’m thankful for. I’ve said this multiple times already to some people, but I think that the one absolute selling point of going to Coronado High School is the teachers. I joke around with my friends sometimes saying that I should be afraid of going to college because the professors probably won’t be half as nice, hard-working and devoted to inspiring their students everyday as those that I have met these past four years. Teachers here always want you to succeed and almost do everything they can to make sure you are comfortable and learn the best way possible.


Now one last thing I will always be thankful for at CHS is the amazing culture that’s
been created. Although school spirit has gone up and down in recent years for my class, it’s
amazing to see what we can accomplish when we all come together and celebrate what it means
to be an Islander. Sporting events, CoSA shows, spirit days, pep rallies, powderpuff, faculty
basketball, improv shows, robotics, and everything in between amaze me. Sometimes I took for
granted how much love and support every group got here at CHS and it’s amazing to see so
many people come and see the amazing new things happening on campus.

Being able to participate in the homecoming parade, Mr. Tiki, musicals, pep rallies,
student council, and of course the most non-corrupt organization on campus, ASB, I have
definitely participated in way more school events than I originally planned on as a freshman. But
not one single nerve in my body regrets anything I’ve ever done these past four years.
And lastly, back in that instant of time I mentioned in the beginning, never in that Josh’s
wildest dreams, would he imagine even being considered for one of CHS’ most honored awards,
Jike Wong.

I will never have enough words to mention the gratitude and love I have for even
considering me deserving of such an honor.

Since then, people have been coming up to me saying that my face after hearing my name
called has been engraved into their memory forever since my jaw dropped about 37,992,849,237
miles below sea level.

And for a second to last time, thank you.

Going into college and the ‘real world’, I am excited to see what’s next for me and what
path I will eventually take. I know one thing is for sure, my path and CHS will cross again more
than once.

So in ending this, just like my acting teacher said about theatre; it’s supposed to inspire,
to start conversation, to innovate, to challenge ourselves to become better than who we were
before. And that’s what I plan to do with the world, being a graduate of Coronado High School.
Thank you for everything,

Josh Concepcion
Class of 2017"