Julianna Volta Shines as a Cellist

Posted by: nancym 2 years, 10 months ago

Julianna Volta Shines as a Cellist

                 Julianna Volta, a junior in her third year in the Instrumental Music Conservatory, plays the cello, electric bass, piano, and guitar.  Julianna has been exposed to the arts at home ever since she can remember. With a drummer dad and dancer mom, Julianna shared that their family joke was always, “Our religion is the Beatles.”  Julianna knew she wanted to attend an arts program in high school, even though she did not necessarily want to be a professional musician. She chose CoSA, although she attended middle school in the Point Loma area, because of the strong academic and arts programs. In addition, she values the customized schedule, the strings coach, and the partnership with the San Diego Symphony.

                 Julianna recommends that any student interested in the CoSA Instrumental Music Program take the classes they want, not what they think they should take. “Make it enjoyable! Take advantage of the flexible schedule to have a day or two off to pursue other things, or rest.”  Julianna takes private cello lessons once a week with and talented Russian cellist, whose intensity challenges her to grow both musically and as a person. In addition, Julianna has found fulfillment in making friends in CoSA and taking advantage of cross-conservatory opportunities, such as the 2015 CoSA Summer Intensive for Acting.

                 Julianna aspires to study in a tiny liberal arts college after graduating from CHS in 2017. She would like to major in creative writing and minor in instrumental music. It would be her dream to be a professional author and continue to play music regularly.

                  When asked what her favorite instrument was, Julianna quickly said, “The cello.” Then she followed that by saying, “Actually, it is quite difficult to answer. My instruments are like children, you can’t pick a favorite.” Julianna went on to describe her feelings about her instruments and the fact that each instrument helped her to express different things in different ways.  Listening to her, one becomes captivated by her obvious love of music and passion for learning that she exudes. Great experiences and successes undoubtedly lie ahead for Julianna!