Kate Nichols - Senior DigArts Student

Posted by: nancym 2 years, 11 months ago

Kate Nichols - Senior DigArts Student

                       Kate Nichols is a senior in her fourth year in the Digital Arts Conservatory.  Before entering CoSA Kate participated in digital media classes at Coronado Middle School, and spent a great deal of time during her summers drawing.  Kate’s current focus is Animation, and she has received several First and Second Place ribbons for her animation work at the San Diego County Fair.

                       In the summer of 2014, Kate participated in a two week Digital Media Program at University of California Los Angeles. According to Kate, she was “well prepared for the UCLA program. I stayed in the dorms with other students.  I enjoyed the classroom experience and it was socially rewarding to spend time with others who had similar talent and interest.”

                      During her four years in CoSA, Kate has met three of her best friends, in DigArts and Visual Arts.  She has appreciated having time to work on her on drawing skills, up to two hours per day. Her advice to new CoSA students would be to stay open to the entire experience, as every year it is something different.

                      When Kate graduates from CHS in 2016 she hopes to pursue a degree in history at one of the UC’s or Cal State Universities or possibly University of Washington. Ultimately, she plans to enter law school for her graduate studies. Kate has no doubt that she will continue to pursue the Arts as a hobby.