Learning Over the Summer

Posted by: District 3 years, 10 months ago

Learning Over the Summer

By Karl Mueller, CUSD Superintendent

Learning doesn’t stop when that final bell rings in June. In fact, we encourage an entire summer filled with inquiry, adventure, and knowledge-building activities to keep our students’ minds active and inquisitive well into the school season. 

We are extremely lucky in Coronado to have such a full offering of summer learning opportunities. Below we have a list of our main activities and programs.  


Enrichment Programs through CSF 

At CUSD, we are truly blessed to have such a strong advocate in Coronado Schools Foundation (CSF). Not only do they help fuel essential programs during the year, they spearhead a vibrant, interest-based enrichment program over the summer. Credentialed teachers and experts take the helm at these interactive STEAM-based classes, curating fascinating experiences for students of all ages. The enrichment program runs in three one-week segments starting on July 10th.

Students in K-5 can dive into a range of topics, including Raving Robotics, Math Boot Camp, Knitting, and more. Middle Schoolers can explore topics such as Forensics with Mr. Ramirez, Sports Sampler, It’s Up for Debate, Guitar, and more. High school students have the option of Learning to Lead, ACT and SAT Test Prep, and more. Musical Theatre is offered for those entering 4–12, no experience needed. 

In truth, CSF created such a vibrant and robust offering, we are only scratching the surface on the scope of their offerings. Check out the full summer enrichment brochure here to see everything they have on tap this summer.


Summer Preschool at Crown Preschool

Crown Preschool offers a three-week preschool program in July. Due to popularity, this program fills up extremely quickly.


IEP Continuing Education 

For students with an IEP indicating they need to continue working over the summer, we have an extended school year program. This program helps reinforce lessons and subject matter, limiting the amount of lessons that need to be retaught after the break. The extended school year program runs simultaneously with the summer preschool program.


Coronado Public Library

Our Coronado Public Library also pulls out all the stops when it comes to continuing learning. In addition to providing a wealth of knowledge through an incredible collection of books and reading programs, they also provide a calendar full of events for all ages. See the month-by-month breakdown of events here.

For teens in the sixth grade up through twelfth, check out the teen exclusive events.  From a summer reading program to the teen tech room to trivia and more, the library has an entire curriculum and program calendar dedicated to our teens. 


Volunteerism, Internships and Work Experiences

Summer break creates a unique opportunity for students to explore passions, try out careers, build businesses and venture into the job market. Many of us got our first start in business at the lemonade stand on the corner, walking neighborhood dogs or mowing lawns. High school is often the time when students start their first job. Internships and job shadowing allow our older students to test out different career fields before committing to a college major. 

In addition to expanding our entrepreneurial roots, volunteering is a great activity to start young. It not only helps curate giving back, but also exposes students to possible new career paths and provides the opportunity to make valuable connections for later in life.

This summer, we hope that all of our students stay active, keep learning, explore new ideas and enjoy living in such a phenomenal community.