Nicole Sollazzo studies in London

Posted by: nancym 2 years, 11 months ago

Nicole Sollazzo studies in London

Nicole Sollazo is a junior in her third year in CoSA Musical Theatre & Drama.  She grew up in Westfield, New Jersey and began acting at the age of nine. By the time she moved to California in 2013 she already had several performances in both community and professional theatre. One of her first serious roles was at age 11 when she was featured in the role of the Flower Girl in Abie’s Irish Rose.

Nicole adapted quickly to the California lifestyle after moving to La Jolla with her family in 2013 and starting CoSA the same year.  When asked to compare the east and west coasts Nicole says, “I love the theatre scene here, but I miss the weather. Yeah, I know that’s crazy…..” One of Nicole’s favorite things about CoSA is “watching and learning from people my own age, and growing alongside them.” Nicole gave a remarkably funny performance of Maggie, the Mayor of Hope Falls, in CoSA’s fall production of Bat Boy.

This past summer, she had the opportunity to spend five weeks in London studying Musical Theatre and Drama at The Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, The London Academy of Music & Drama, and The Royal Central School of Speech & Drama. This experience had a huge impact on her perspective that success is directly related to hard work. “Yes, there is always an element of luck, but hard work is absolutely everything!” stated Nicole. Nicole found that the techniques she learned during her summer intensive were similar to the preparation provided by CoSA.

In addition to CoSA, Nicole is will be acting in Ion Theatre’s ( upcoming  season, having been cast as Rose Perch in The Jacksonian, which plays from February  through March 2016. She has also worked at Moxie theatre in a 24-hour play/festival called The Swan Plays, has been in the ensemble in Carnival at Coronado Playhouse and played in a cabaret-type setting with Actors Alliance of San Diego at “Martini’s Above Fourth” in North Park (an urban San Diego neighborhood).

After graduating in 2017, Nicole aspires to study musical theatre or acting in a university and would like to pursue a career in theatre. “Ultimately I want to be on Broadway. I know that voluntarily giving up so much free time to be here in CoSA is going to pay off someday.”