Sebastian Sanchez, Guitarist

Posted by: nancym 2 years, 8 months ago

Sebastian Sanchez, Guitarist

Sebastian Sanchez is currently a freshman in the Instrumental Music Conservatory.  While Sebastian was attending Eastlake Middle School he contemplated applying for Coronado High School if there was a strong music program – which is when he discovered CoSA.  At the time, Sebastian was playing in his middle school orchestra, as an elective and advanced course. Sebastian plays the electric and acoustic guitar. In addition, he has experience playing the ukulele, piano, and percussions in general.

Sebastian’s favorite genre is classical. He is pleased that he has the opportunity to play both classical and jazz in CoSA. He is grateful to play almost every day, and to play with friends he has met in his conservatory. Sebastian shares that he does not come from a musical family per say, yet his parents have been very supportive of his musical interests, signing him up for lessons at the age of three. The CoSA recitals have been highlights for Sebastian. He enjoys seeing the final product of all the work put into preparing for recitals.

His advice to new students is to get their schedules correct in order to have time to balance the other things happening in school and their personal lives. He also recommends that incoming students appreciate what CHS and CoSA have to offer – good teachers, strong academics, and staff who care about students. Finding balance is essential, something that Sebastian has been successful at. He shares that his grades are good, and that it is his joy of music that actually helps him to find the necessary balance in his life.

Although college is still a few years away, after graduating from Coronado High School in June 2019, Sebastian believes he may choose to study in the field of science, such as genetics. He also hopes that music will continue to be a part of his studies and/or extracurricular activities.