Secret Life of the American Candidate

Posted by: nancym 2 years, 7 months ago

Secret Life of the American Candidate

          What do you get when you partner CoSA's talented alumni with current CoSA students? An amazingly delightful, outrageously funny play "The Secret Life of the American Candidate."

        Produced by CoSA alumni pictured below: Troy Cavalieri, Ethan Haas, Tim Baran and Patrick Clark, the show features some of the best impressions of the 2016 presidential hopefuls in high school and uses the wit and wisdom garnered throughout the current presidential race to create a hysterical ride through a high school presidential campaign.

      Secret Life of the American Candidate is a one act political satire about the 2016 presidential hopefuls.  What would it be like if Hillary, Donald, Bernie and Ted were all in high school running for student class president?  You don’t want to miss this hilarious spoof on the presidential candidates following them back to their days at Capitol Hill High.  The one-act play is an “equal opportunity offender” skewering all the candidates.

       Ethan Haas and Tim Baran have been writing and performing comedy together since 2013. Last year, they premiered their show My Big Fat Gay Wedding at the 2015 San Diego International Fringe Festival. The show was a huge success so they decided to do it again, bringing a new show to this year's festival, Secret Life of the American Candidate.  Troy Cavalieri and Patrick Clark are new to the production team.  All are graduates of the Coronado School of the Arts. CoSA Tech Theatre alum Cameron Taylor has served as Technical Director for both shows.

       Also acting in Secret Life of the American Candidate is CoSA alumna Danille Edmonds, and CoSA students Miranda Reed, Annie Buckley and Hannah Bosworth.

        For more information about the San Diego Fringe Festival, click on FRINGE. To get tickets to Secret Life of the American Candidate, click here.