Stars of CHICAGO

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Stars of CHICAGO

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News blog reprinted in its entirety from the  "Islander Times" October 2014 Edition. Written by Danielle Edmonds, Musical Theatre & Drama student:

This month students from Coronado School of the Arts are preparing to perform Broadway's longest-running musical. CHICAGO will be directed by CoSA's award-winning MTD Chair Barbara Wolf and will feature live music and several famous dance numbers. The Islander Times met the three stars of the show and went backstage with the technical theatre crew.

Caroline Carlson has been a member of the CoSA Musical Theatre & Drama department since her freshman year. Carlson is excited to be playing the role of Roxie Hart and said that her favorite parts of  CHICAGO include "the sultry dance moves and getting to chill on the piano." Carlson said that she learns something new at every rehearsal. "I never know what I'm doing, " she said. "The directors constantly throw new things at me and I'm forced to test my limits." She can't wait to perform her solos in "Roxie" and "Funny Honey." Carlson first got involved with theatre at the age of 7, when she performed in a Balboa Park show as a swan and fell in love with being on-stage. After high school, Carlson wants to earn a degree in Contemporary Vocal Music and pursue a career in the music industry.

Like Carlson, Sophia Johnson has spent the last three years in CoSA and has been working tirelessly on her dance routines for this show. "Dancing has definitely been the best part of the rehearsal process," she said. "I love the one-on-one work and designing my own routines, because I get closer with the cast and teachers." Johnson is most excited to perform the high-energy "Hot Honey Rag" dance duet with Carlson. Johnson started performing as a dancer at a young age. As a child dancer, she was very theatrical; her mother took her to an audition for a theatre company when she was 7 years old and she's been acting since then. In college, she plans to minor in Dance. Johnson said she hopes to improve her choreography skills so that she can someday work on Broadway shows.

Tim Baran auditioned for CoSA when he moved from Georgia to Coronado at the start of his sophomore year. He said that he's most excited to watch the show come together as opening night approaches. According to Baran, the best part of the rehearsal process is practicing the scene in which his character "has a revelation that allows everything to just click." Baran is looking forward to singing "All I Care About is Love." He isn't a newcomer to the stage. Baran was first inspired to get involved with theatre at age 3. "I used to watch my grandmother sing in church productions," he said. "She made me want to perform." After high school, Baran plans to get a BFA in Acting and pursue a career in film acting.