Tech Theatre on Front Page of Coronado Eagle newspaper!

Posted by: nancym 3 years, 11 months ago

Tech Theatre on Front Page of Coronado Eagle newspaper!

CoSA's Technical Theatre conservatory was in the spotlight this week on the front page of the Coronado Eagle & Journal. The article, titled "A Behind the Scenes Look at CoSA's Production of 'Chicago The Musical," highlighted the many accomplishments of the tech theatre students (techies as they're known), tech theatre alumni, and its Director, Adrian Gonzalez. The following are some quotes from the article, written by David Axelson. The entire highly fascinating article can be read by clicking here.

According to Gonzalez, "Our rigging system is Vortek, which is similar to what Cirque du Soleil uses....The pit lift is called the Gala System from Montreal...We have intelligent lighting. We have massive lights and the color blazes that can achieve millions of different colors....We have a brand new Yamaha M7CL digital mixing console, which is an amazing board to mix sound..."

The article continues, "Modern equipment aside, at its most basic level, the CoSA Technical Theatre program provides students with a career technical education." Students mentor each other and seniors graduate with literally thousands of hours of technical work experience.

The article covers where some of CoSA's Tech Theatre alumni are now, including The Old Globe, The La Jolla Playhouse, The San Diego Rep and universities such as CalArts and UCLA.

CoSA extends its thanks to David Axelson and the Coronado Eagle for writing such a thorough, accurate and engaging article about the "hidden," behind-the-scenes machinery of CoSA's musicals and other performances and exhibits.