The Funny Side of Matt Morris

Posted by: nancym 2 years, 8 months ago

The Funny Side of Matt Morris

     Mathew Morris is currently a senior in his fourth year in the Musical Theatre Conservatory.  Before entering CoSA, Matt attended middle school in Lakeside, where he was a student assistant in a drama class. The teacher encouraged him to audition for a school production of Who Dunnit? To his surprise he was selected for one of the lead roles. He enjoyed the experience immensely and was encouraged to apply for the Musical Theatre & Drama Conservatory at Coronado High School along with two of his middle school friends.

     Matt has found his experience in musical theatre to be life changing. He was a founding member of the Improv team,  joined The REP Company during his sophomore year, has discovered the comedic aspect of theatre, and played the lead role in the November 2015 CoSA production of Bat Boy. Matt thought the lead role would be a lot of stress, but instead he actually found it to be a lot of fun, and quite natural.

     During his four years at CoSA, Matt has many, many highlights worth mentioning.  He has performed in seven productions, his favorite being Legally Blonde; The Musical when he was a sophomore. During the summer of 2014 Matt participated in The Actors’ Alliance of San Diego Performance of Carrie the Musical. He studied for two weeks under the direction of Jacob Brent, who works regularly with Junior Theatre. In addition, during the summer of 2015, he participated in the San Diego Fringe Festival which is performed in the Back Box at CHS. Matthew, another CoSA student, and a CoSA Alumni, wrote an original one act play entitled My Big Fat Gay Wedding for the Festival. They hired CoSA students and San Diego Union Actors to perform in the play, which generated money at the event.

     Matt highly recommends the Coronado School of the Arts (CoSA) Program to any student with a passion for Musical Theatre. He said that it is an amazing program for anyone who loves acting. He also suggests investing completely in all the program has to offer, including the Improv Group (of which he is currently the captain), summer intensives, and more. The balance between academics and CoSA is not always easy, and Matthew has an hour commute to and from school, but it is worth it!

     Matt aspires to enter an acting program in a university after graduating from CHS in 2016. He is auditioning for programs at both UCLA and California State Long Beach State. Matthew Morris’ passion and love of acting is undeniable. He will no doubt go far in his future studies, and his pursuit of comedic roles are sure to bring laughter to his audiences.