Update on Nate Chishom, class of 2014

Posted by: nancym 2 years, 11 months ago

Update on Nate Chishom, class of 2014

Dana Chisholm, parent of Nate Chisholm, Musical Theatre class of 2014, provided us with this update on Nate, and also some warm words of appreciation for CoSA!

"I am happy to announce that Nathan Chisholm, Coronado High School Class President 2014 and CoSA student, has graduated Biola University with a BA in Psychology on May 4, 2018. 

During his time at CHS, Nathan was the Class President, Senior Prom King, speaker for Coronado SAFE, and CoSA Musical Theater in performances Legally Blond, Grapes of Wrath, Pirates of Penzance, Into the Woods, Singin' in the Rain, Shakespeare Abridged, and Improv Champions of 2014. In College, he and friend Marlee May (CHS '13) created a blog "Comics and College" and reviewed and reported on the Coronado Film Festival and ComicCon and stayed active in the arts. 

Nathan worked part-time at Disneyland in the Entertainment Department during college at Biola University, founded a campus chapter of the National Leadership Society with over 600 members, served as an RA his sophomore year, and made the Dean's List, among his college achievements. He created an Industrial Psychology emphasis to combine business and psychology and plans to go to law school in the future. 

We are so very thankful for CoSA and CHS and the amazing training and teachers and preparation. While many students go into full-time entertainment, not all do. But, the training at CoSA prepares students for every aspect of their lives - and whatever profession they choose. Musical Theater at CoSA gave Nathan the training he needed to get a much sought after role (s) with Disney to support himself through college. And his leadership training (CHS sending him to leadership camps with the ASB, etc) gave him the experience and training to start a leadership chapter on his campus - that grew in its first year to be the largest club on the campus. Ever. Giving hundreds of other students leadership training and experience - for years to come. And the ease with public speaking and performance from those experiences in CoSA and CHS will serve him well as a litigator in front of judges and juries fighting the good fight for those in need. 


Our family is eternally grateful to Coronado, The Coronado Arts Commission, Coronado HS and CoSA - and all those who invest tirelessly into their success. Congratulations! You graduated another one!