What do DigArts and the SD Opera have in common?

Posted by: nancym 6 years ago

What do CoSA Digital Arts and the San Diego Opera have in common? They both get to enjoy the work of acclaimed artist Rich Black. Black, a prolific graphic artist who has designed posters for the SD Opera, was a guest artist in the Digital Arts classes recently. He talked about how he got his start in the arts, how he developed his unique style, and showed students examples of his work, including his iconic SD Opera Posters.

R. Black, originally from San Diego, got his start here 12 years ago doing local underground club flyers and rock posters. In 2004, Dark Horse Books published his first art book. Since then, he has moved on to national and international acts. Recently R. Black has received international attention with the poster work he did for the Occupy Movement, currently being featured in 4 museum exhibits. R. Black is the artist in residence at Shotgun Players, a critically acclaimed stage theatre in the San Francisco Bay Area as well the poster artist for the San Diego Opera 2013 Season. You can see his current poster, Woody Harrelson's "A Gun For Adolf" on Broadway in NYC. For more information on R. Black, please visit his website at rblack.org

To see all Black's Opera posters, click here. An example of his amazing style is shown below.