What Would the World Do Without Rusty Broyles?!

Posted by: nancym 3 years, 2 months ago

What Would the World Do Without Rusty Broyles?!

           To paraphrase a famous quote regarding tea, "Thank goodness for Rusty!. What would the world do without Rusty?! How would it exist?!" That is how all the many student performers and exhibitors and CPAC theatre renters feel about this talented senior in CoSA's Tech Theatre conservatory.

             Rusty started off acting in elementary and middle school; his biggest role was Bugsy Malone. "I like theatre, but I felt I was better suited to being behind the scenes. I'm not the most coordinated person and dancing is hard for me," says the 6' 3" and still growing Rusty.  I still enjoy theatre and want to be a part of it, just not in the stage limelight."

            His favorite part of tech theatre is stage management. "It's exciting for me to take something from an idea to a full production that people want to come and see," says Rusty. "It's helped me become more organized. When I'm in charge of 15 techies and an entire cast, I have to be organized, know how to handle people and keep things running smoothly." Rusty is well-suited to this role; he is always calm, professional and the "go-to" person to get things done.

            During the school year, Rusty earns money as an employee of CUSD when he techs rentals using the Coronado Performing Arts Center (CPAC). During the summer, however, he returns to his other love, coaching sabot sailing to young sailers at the Coronado Yacht Club under the direction of Jon Rogers.

             His favorite CoSA production so far has been "Into the Woods" which was the first musical where he did the sound. He'd love to work on "Mamma Mia" and "Pippin" one day. "They're just fun, family shows,"  he says. He hopes to attend CalArts or Marymount Manhattan and study Stage Management and Sound Design. Eventually, Rusty says he would love to teach. And those of us at CoSA who have worked with him know that any school where Rusty ends up teaching will be saying "Thank goodness for Rusty!"