Winners at the San Diego County Fair

Posted by: nancym 4 years, 4 months ago

CoSA Digital Media students won eight awards at the 2014 San Diego County Fair. All students are in the Graphic Design program, with the exception of Emi Epstein who is in Animation. The awards were:

BEST IN CLASS - Group Project/Coronado Safety Brochure: Emi Epstein, Angella Dawley, Bryanna Fabyonic

BEST IN CLASS - CD Cover Design: Shannon Ruef

BEST IN CLASS - Poster Design: Bryanna Fabyonic

1st Place - CD Cover Design: Austin Linthicum

1st Place - Poster Design: Anthony Dugan-Pinkston

1st Place - Infographic Poster: Bryanna Fabyonic

1st Place - Infographic Poster: Daniela Margolis

1st Place - Infographic Poster: Bryanna Fabyonic