Zimmerman is "in the pink!"

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Zimmerman is "in the pink!"

April, 2014 Reprinted from Islander Times, written by CHS student Caroline Minchella

     "Legally Blonde The Musical has become one of the most well-known film-to-musical transitions in modern theatre, detailing the life of naive sorority girl turned lawyer Elle Woods. With the odds set against her, firecracker Woods makes a name for herself by proving to everyone that blondes can have more fun and still be intelligent. Legally Blonde has been set to grace the CoSA stage starring Musical Theatre student, senior Baylie Rose Zimmerman, as the one and only Elle.

     If anyone has the ability to take on the demanding role, Zimmerman is up to the challenge. Next fall she will be attending the University of Arizona as a member of the BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) Musical Theatre program, demonstrating a clear passion and talent for her craft. CoSA MTD senior TJ Glynn, while discussing Zimmerman's portrayal of Elle, said, 'She is amazingly talented, the most cheerful person I've ever met. The show is turning out fantastically, and everyone is putting in their best efforts to make sure it is up to our standards.'

     Zimmerman and the cast's rehearsal schedule lasts 2 1/2 hours after CoSA, which typically finishes around 4:30 pm; this calls for eleven hour school days without a real break on most occasions. She also has weekend rehearsals from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm, which vary depending on which specific characters are needed. Though most students cannot bear the thought of being at school longer than the sound of the sixth period bell, Zimmerman said, 'I miss hanging out with my closest friends, but the most rewarding part is having the opportunity to release all the exhaustion of the school day through song, dance, and portrayal. I get to be Elle Woods, a bundle of pep!'

     Based on her belief that playing Elle Woods is her biggest accomplishment thus far in the world of theatre, Zimmerman has been able to transform herself into the character through practice, repetition and truly seeing herself as Elle Woods. She is so molded with the character (including dying her hair blonde) that her main worry for opening night centers around 'containing my excitement! I really have to be grounded to perform my best. I can't be so excited that extra Baylie energy takes away from the persona of Elle.'

     Zimmerman sums up her gratefulness, humility, and excitement with her final thoughts on theater: 'Performing enables me to connect my heart with the world around me; having the chance to transfer my emotion creates a release of tensions. Like any other art form or sport, it's an infinite process of improving your skills. Having the chance to surrender to theatre is like breathing: Performing makes me feel alive.'

     Zimmerman and the rest of the talented cast perform the spring musical from April 25th to May 3rd. For some, Legally Blonde The Musical is the last show of their careers as CoSA students before they embark on their university experience."

Headshot by Melissa Perkins Weisbrod of TheStudioSD.com