CoSA Headshot/Publicity Form 2015-16

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Headshot/Publicity Program for CoSA students

As part of your student's pre-professional development, every student has a headshot taken by acclaimed San Diego photographer, Melissa Perkins of TheStudioSD ( Melissa generously donates her time, expertise and equipment to take these photos at the beginning of each school year.  Headshots are then mounted on photo board and posted in the lobby during all exhibits and performances, used in press releases, website blogs and other publicity.

For $25 you can buy both the color and the black/white electronic versions of your student's headshot, plus receive the mounted b/w headshot at year-end. When you have the electronic color and b/w versions, you can email them, print them, Photoshop them, and have them forever!  This is an important fundraiser for CoSA and helps support your student's program.

You may pay by credit card by clicking here. Or you may fill out the bottom of this form and turn it in to the CoSA office with cash or check made payable to the CoSA Foundation by September 10th. Thank you for supporting this program!

Headshots will be taken on Thursday, September 10th from 2:00 to 4:30.  Remind your student to wear appropriate attire (collared shirt preferred, no t-shirts or spaghetti straps).  Please complete the Publicity Release information below.