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Visual Arts

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The Working Artist: The Skills to Sustain Creative Practices.

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Students in CoSA’s Visual Art study the fundamentals of art, art business and life drawing using live models. In the study of art history, centuries of art up to and including contemporary artists are covered. Students develop perceptual skills and visual literacy.
Each student creates and develops their personal body of work, honing their technical skills as they produce their own extensive portfolio over the four-year course of study. They analyze and discuss art, including their own, in an inspiring artistic community. A variety of mediums are explored and students have a unique opportunity to engage in the creative process.
Students exhibit their work at an annual spring Visual Art Exhibition at CoSA, and throughout the school year at various commercial establishments and public venues in Coronado.
A key component of the conservatory experience is semester jury assessment by faculty and arts professionals. Class curriculum is supported by field trips and guest artists  (including live models) who come to enrich the classroom experience.
Follow the link to prepare for CoSA VISUAL ART PORTFOLIO REVIEW
Please check out this link to a 2 ½ minute Reel for CoSA Visual Art 
Visual Arts