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Application and Admission FAQ

How do I apply? 
CoSA Admission FAQComplete the online application for the conservatory of your choice and submit. 
Admission to CoSA is MERIT based.  Interest and passion are an important component of acceptance and for those with less experience, those traits will be considered as part of the acceptance process. Students are admitted on the strength of their application, their audition, portfolio review and interview.  Applicants are ranked, admission is offered based on space available.
When will I audition?
Your audition date/time will be confirmed by email.
A date and time slot will be assigned to you, until then, please keep both of these open.
What if I cannot make my audition/interview?
If you are unable to make the audition/ interview scheduled for you, inform the CoSA office via email as soon as possible. 
I don't live in Coronado. Can I still apply to CoSA?
Yes, one half of CoSA students do not reside in Coronado. If you are offered admission to CoSA, your conditional admission letter will explain the Inter-district Transfer (IDT) process. All IDTs are reviewed by the CUSD district office.
Can I apply to more than one conservatory?
Apply to one conservatory only. After your audition/interview, if you feel you are better suited to a different conservatory, you can withdraw your existing application in anticipation of a new one.
Can I attend more than one coservatory?
No, instruction in each conservatory is synchronous.  You will only have time for one conservatory in your schedule.
Do I need to be an A student to apply?
No, a minimum 2.5 GPA is required.  However, most of our candidates exceed this minimum threshold.  Since space is limited we can only accomodate our most qualified applicants.
How many students do you accept each year?
There is no set number.  It depends on many factors including: how many students apply, how many students are graduating, staffing changes and other considerations. Our goal is to accept every qualified and interested applicant.
When will I find out if I am accepted?
An email notification will inform you of your status.  All email communication is sent to the applicant's email on file, as well as the parent/guardian's email.  Admission Decisions will be released by the end of March.
 What is “conditional admission”?
"Conditional admission" applies only to inter-district transfer students (IDTs). A conditional offer means that you are a qualified candidate, however, your final admission is contingent upon Inter District Transfer approval by the Coronado Unifed School District. IDTs must apply to transfer to CUSD. The CUSD  office reviews all IDT permit applications and will notify you of your status. Once a student's IDT is approved by CUSD, the student does not need to reapply year after year, provided they remain in CoSA.
Can I be a CoSA student and not be a CHS student? 
No.  All CoSA students must attend Coronado High School for core academic subjects.  Since we are a school within a school, a CoSA student is also a CHS student.  Go Islanders!
Can I leave CoSA and remain a CHS student?
If you are an inter district transfer the answer is no.  Your IDT is to CoSA. If you leave CoSA you will forfeit your IDT, you will no longer be able to attend Coronado Unified District schools.
OTHER QUESTIONS? Please contact the CoSA office.