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Student-Parent Handbooks, Schedules, Academic Calendar

Below are links to the Parent-Student Handbook for each conservatory. You will find everything you need to know about CoSA including: your CoSA schedule, Contact Info, Expectations, Causes for Probation, Absence Reporting and useful links.
If you have any questions about CoSA Registration please contact 
1st Quarter
08/26/21 – 10/29/21
2nd Quarter/End of Term 1
11/01/21 – 01/27/22  Term 1 Report Card mailed home by 02/04/22
3rd Quarter
01/31/22 – 04/08/22
4th Quarter/End of Term 2
04/11/22 – 06/16/22 Term 2 Report Card mailed home by 06/24/22