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Program Description:
During the CoSA Ceramic Summer Art Intensive, students will learn a variety of techniques of working with clay, including pinching, coiling, and throwing on the potter's wheel. Students will create functional forms such as cups, bowls, and mugs, as well as sculptural forms of their choosing. Towards the end of the workshop, surface embellishments such as painting with underglaze, carving, and glazing will be covered, allowing students to produce personalized work that truly stands out. Great for all levels of experience!
Ceramic Teacher Si Webpage
Teacher Bio:
Katie Francis is a ceramic artist and educator based in San Diego, California.  She received her undergraduate degree in mathematics at Clemson University and her MFA with an emphasis in ceramics at San Diego State University.  Her current work explores the act of remembrance and the fragility of memory through ceramic objects.  She has participated in exhibitions and craft shows across the nation, and she currently teaches ceramic classes in San Diego.  Her work has recently been featured in Ink & Clay 45 at the Kellogg University Gallery in Pomona, California, and the 2022 SoCal MFA exhibition at the East & Peggy Phelps Galleries in Claremont, California.